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Based On E-commerce Supply Chain Management

Posted on:2005-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122986081Subject:Business Administration
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Since 1990s, the fast development of computer & network technology has brought great impacts to SCM, esp. the emergence of Internet technology, which made it possible for people to widely use internet engage in electronic trade of commodities & services via internet. This not only expanded the trade range, but also effectively shortened the trade time & transaction cost. To face the harsh inner & outer environments of e-commerce era, enterprises took the e-commerce strategy to improve competitiveness. In today's world, the traditional management mode of enterprises is unable to adapt to new competition situation. To swiftly respond to the market requirements, it becomes inevitable to reengineer business process with modern network technology, optimize SCM and make the transition to e-commerce. SCM is based on the modern network information technology. E-commerce is a dispensable modern network information technology for modern enterprises to lower costs and increase benefits, which provides an effective measure to improve SCM. As a totally new business mode, e-commerce could fundamentally change the mode of traditional enterprise's decision, production & marketing mode, enhance the information-based degree of enterprises and other enterprises in the chain and promote the response capability and operation efficiency of the whole chain, which play an important role to push forward the development of SCM. The combination of SCM & e-commerce would be the direction of future development of logistics.The essay is made under such background, which starts with the introduction & study of theory of Supply Chain Management. The approach of traditional enterprises to achieve Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is put forward, the function scope of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & its implementation technology are discussed. The key factors & practical means to develop SCM based on Electronic Commerce (EC) are analyzed. Some examples are also given for illustration. Meanwhile, the essay also pointed out the challenges, difficulties& countermeasures which E-commerce and SCM now facing and offered some construction thoughts & applications to EC platform serving SCM. Finally, this essay introduce the progress of EC & SCM in China and point out the existed problem, as well as the solution.In the future, the competition among enterprises will be shown as the competition of strategic alliances of enterprises, that is the competition of supply chains. The development of e-commerce brings a revolution to the information flow way of supply chains. The emergence of e-commerce must exert great and far-reaching influence to the SCM of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Management (SCM), E-commerce(EC), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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