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Accession To The Wto, China's Investment Environment Change And Investment Strategies Of Multinational Corporations In China Changes

Posted on:2005-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122986120Subject:International trade
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The greatly improved investment environment of China is the main reason for successful investment attraction. Investment environment is the primary condition to motivate investment. The capital of transnational corporations is prone to flow in the countries and regions with huge market potential, low cost, good infrastructure, and a stable society, so that the safety of investment and stability of vigor can be ensured. In the past few years, transnational corporations have increasingly augmented their investment in China. The most important reason lies in the huge market potential brought by the stable and burgeoning development of Chinese economy, as well as the investment environment that has been consistently improved. Since the 1990s, transnational corporations' investment in China has seen a rapid growth. Out of the "Fortune Top 500", more than 400 have invested in China. When China officially joined the WTO in 2001, the competition in China, the largest and the last market in the world, also entered a new stage of development and a new scenario came into being. A series of changes have taken place in the investment strategy of the transnational corporations. Taking China into their global business network, the transnational corporations were all actively making strategy adjustments. They actively compete in the investment of China according to their own development laws combined with the new strategies and policies against the background of China's entry into the WTO, and their experience and lessons they have gained in investing in China.This thesis is to, through the analysis of the change in China's investment environment and the direct foreign investment in China before and after the WTO entry, discuss how transnational corporations adjust their investment strategies and further develop in China after the WTO entry. And the thesis also makes some explorations into the countermeasure of enterprises from the Republic of Korea. By the method of authentic proof, the thesis first discusses the change in the investment environment before and after the WTO entry, the investment of foreign-funded enterprises in China and change in the transnational corporations' investment strategies, which has been studied earlier, and then investigates the Korean investment in China and its problems and explores its development countermeasure.The thesis is composed of four chapters. Chapter one introduces the change of China's investment environment in four sections. The first section sets forth China's fulfillment of its commitment to open the market, to be specific, the broadening of market admittance, the relaxation of operation restrictions, the maintenance of the fair order in trade environment, and improvement in policy transparency. The second section analyzes the change in market environment, to be specific, the rectification and standardization of the order in the market economy, further acceleration of economic structure adjustment and further improvement of infrastructure construction. The third section is about the change in administration system and legal system. In the field of administration system, Chinese government has made reform, adjustment and improvement upon itself in three aspects, namely, the reform of administrative examination and approval system, the nurture of social intermediary services and the introduction of the e-government. Significant changes also take place in the legal system. Chinese government has made an overhaul to the foreign investment laws and regulations and revised the parts that are not in accordance with the WTO rules. The major revisions are about the "Three Laws" of foreign investment and foreign enterprises with investment in China can have national treatment. A series of new policies, laws and regulations on foreign investment have been issued, the intellectual property protection has been strengthened, and an open and transparent legal environment has been provided for foreign investors. The fourth section takes up the following five aspects of Ch...
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