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Earnings Management Research

Posted on:2005-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The securities market is the important part of the contemporary economy and is the important tools that the market economy collocates the social resources. The listed companies, which are the model forms of the company system, play an important role in the securities market, the financial information especially the accounting earnings information of the listed companies is a very important and sensitive index, more and more policies, codes, and ordinances on the securities market regard directly or indirectly the accounting earnings as the assessing index, which makes the importance of the accounting earnings information more outstanding. In this condition, the administrators of the listed companies who know the true accounting earnings information would make earnings management for some purpose, which has become one of the focus concerned by investors, creditors, securities supervise sections, accounting standard formulating branches and taxation institutions during the development of the securities market. Just in this environment, this thesis reveals and analyzes the earnings management phenomenon of the listed companies.The basic framework of the thesis is as follows:Chapter one firstly describes what is earnings management: In the framework of the accounting standards and laws, the administrators, by accounting and no accounting methods, process the accounting information based on the operating track record and make transactions to obtain benefits. Than this sector analyzes the basic character, motive, advantages and disadvantages.Chapter two explores four tactics, five means and nine identifying methods about earnings management of China's listed companies.Chapter three raises the basic suggestions to govern earnings management of China's listed companies, including consummating corporation governance structure, consummating accounting standards and institutions, strengthening audit and securities supervision, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:earnings management, listed company, relationship governance
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