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China's Securities Market Based On Knowledge Reduction And Artificial Neural Network Technology

Posted on:2004-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125451426Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The development of computer technology, especially the development of artificial intelligence technology made it possible to simulate and test the financial market quantitatively. So a new branch of finance -experimental finance formed. In experimental finance, computer technology should be used to simulate the real financial market (e.g. Stock market). It aims to disclose the macro characteristic about the market by researching the behavior of the investor in micro-level under certain market structure.In this thesis, begin with experimental finance, some significant technology-rough sets theory and artificial neural network technology have been applied to the research on financial market. Based on this method, the efficiency of Chinese security market has been discussed simply. Wherefore, the theory about efficient market has been discussed in this thesis firstly; then the Rough Set theory has been introduced, and at the same time, some algorithm used to knowledge reduction have been discussed; in this thesis, the principal of Artificial Neural Network and its improved algorithm are introduced too. After introduce of the basic theory, we posed a method which combine the rough sets theory and artificial neural network and applied it to the research of Chinese security market.We carried out a lot of static analysis on the data got from simulate about Chinese security market by the method mention pretext. Combine with correlation research, we have get the conclusion: First, the Chinese security market is not a weak efficient market; Second, the information of corporation financial state has not been reflect in the market price of corporation stock. According to this thesis, the reason why financial information has not been reflect in the stock price is that the credit crisis of enterprise and the certified public accountant industry. Aim at this, this article using economic and managerial theory discussed in detail the probable reason for the credit crisis in corporation and CPA industry from many aspects such as the inside structure and the outside supervision. Moreover, it presents a series of ameliorative measure to further promote the information exposure environment and information quality of Listed Company in domestic.
Keywords/Search Tags:Securities market, Efficiency of market, Rough sets, Artificial neural network
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