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Analysis Of The Blair Government's Pro-european Policy

Posted on:2005-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125452303Subject:World History
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British Labor Party has reached the forefront of the British political stage after the Opposition of 18 years. After he took office, completely changing the rigid Conservative Government's policies towards Europe, Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain, put forward Fusing into Europe, Leading Europe, got actively involved in European affairs, and made certain contributions to the development of EC, like promoting the signing of the Treaty of Amsterdam, taking an active part in European defense, and supporting the eastward expansion of EC, etc. The pro-Europe policies of Blair Government are well received and welcomed by EU members, thus Blair himself is considered as one of the most pro-European British Prime Ministers. Blair's pro-Europe policies, however, showed some tendency of suspecting Europe, for instance, refusing to join in the Euro-zone, adhering to the special relationship between the UK and the USA, which mirrored the contradiction of Blair's polices toward Europe.This dissertation, through retrospect of decades' post-war Labor's Europe policies, and analysis of the essence and the effects of Blair Government's pro-Europe policies, and of the reasons for the tendency of suspecting Europe, reveals the major characteristic of Labor's Europe policies: there is a close link between these policies and its Democratic Socialist programme, which indicates pro-Europe policies are not an expedient measure, but a strategic change of Labor Party in Europe policies, that is, from fearing the impact of European Integration on the establishment of socialism in Britain to leading EU and founding "People's Europe" on the basis of Labor's ideals. The thesis fully affirms the positive role played by such a change in European Integration, and focuses on analyzing its limitations at once. The thesis shows up that the UK hasn't broken away from its traditional ideas of foreign affairs,,persisting in absolute sovereignty, turning down to give up the special relationship between the UK and the USA, and so on. In a word, there are still many disagrments between British Labofs idea of Europe and Europe's idea of unionist Europe.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blair, Labor Party, European Integration, Democratic Socialism, pro-Europe policies, The tendency of suspecting Europe
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