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Online Banking Risk Control

Posted on:2004-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q T WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125457222Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The network bank is the outgrowth that the technology combines with the finance, and its emergence gives the tradition banking to have brought a series of system changes and never existed before development opportunity, and has also brought the unprecedented risk to the banking at the same time. Therefore being on guard and controlling the finance risk to pledge the finance to operat safely is a new subject to be solved urgently when founding and develops the network bank.In this thesis, the auther introduced firstly the various kind of network bank risks and analysed the major cause. Then on the foundation of thorough studying the methods and systems of controlling network bank risk in forgin countries and the difficulties in China , China should construct the systems of controlling network bank risk suiting to the needs of national network bank on the foundation of using for reference international experience and combine the real national condition.Hence, the auther built a network bank risk control system of " three layers of both wings organic whole ", And put forward the concrete countermeasure of China network bank risk control from respectively three levels in the enterprise , trade and nation and two sides of network bank customer and network suppliers. Finally using the living example research method to have proved the network bank exists the risk bigger than traditional bank, and it is important and urgent implement risk controlling to networkbanks.The innovation part of this thesis chiefly depends on integrating the vocational work activity risk with the electronics money action risk of network banks and look on it as the foundation of network bank risk recognition and formulation the frame for controlling risk . And has put forward one of the establishment network bank risk control system of" three layers of both wings organic whole ", which has provided a systematic thought for China network bank to be on guard and control risks.
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