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Theory And Practice Of Openness In Government Affairs

Posted on:2005-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Traditional government's validity is based on its cryptic operation mechanism, including the theological politic, egnal politic and aristocratic politic as well. However, the citizens were eager to know the information about the governmental operation more and more ,along with more and more people accepting the thoughts of legality and liberty .From the view of government affair opening's whole developmental course ,western country's government affair opening has three phases .illuminative thinkers put forward the slogans; making the content of slogans fruit to protect the citizen rights in the revolutionary course; making the rights be laws. Our country's political type is socialism ,the social conflicts are mainly from the people inside, so there hasn't obstacle to open government fair in our country. But ,we can't disregard and deny the negative effect of thousands years feudal rein, which making our county's government affair opening have a lots of difficulties in theory and practice, even the citizens don't know how to require the government open the information .Absolute power leading to absolute corruption, one of government affair opening's function is supervising the government how to use the public power; at the same time , government affair opening is the necessary appeal in information era. This paper has five parts. The first part discusses the generic theories; the second part reviews the government affair opening's development in our country; the third part summarizes the practice of government affair opening in our country; the fourth part points out the problems of government affair opening in the practice ;the last part expatiates on how to optimize the government affair opening institutions.
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