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Procurement Management In The Automobile Industry

Posted on:2004-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125461260Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Purchasing Operation is one of the most important operations in automobile manufacture enterprises. It's very hard to reafize the uniform purchasing for the complexity of automobile manufacturing.Therefore, the whole management of purchasing logistics and purchasing supply chain in automobile manufacturing must be considered by their systemization, scientificity ,and rationality.Otherwise, the research on purchasing Iogistics and purchasing supply chain management of manufacturing hasn't achieved rapid progress. Most research theories have concern about purchasing regulations, purchasing procedures, contract negotiations and managements; for example, the Purchasing Center Director Xiao ting Shan of the national govemment pointed out five strategies theory of purchasing.The thesis ameliorates thoroughly the purchasing logistics and purchasing supply chain management of automobile manufacturing integrating with the compositive theory.Firstly, the thesis elucidates basic concepts of the Supply chain and purchasing management, in which analysis relations of them. As a result, we find the importanoe of purchasing management in the Supply chain;Secondly,according to qualitative and quantitative indexes, the thesis sets up a TOPSIS Fuzzy Evaluation Model to carry out the evaluation on suppliers logicaly. At the same time, we sort out a small quantity of suppiers as associate members;Thirdly, we give out a Leader-Follower Purchasing Model based on information share. This model overcomes traditional purchasing modes' irritations and guarantees optimizing the purchasing supply chain.At last, the thesis studies the Purchasing management of Sunwin Bus Ltd C.P.And brings forward Lean Purchasing theory including "Normal Purchasing" and "Advance Purchasing" processes. Then we apply above-mentioned purchasing theory to the Sunwin Bus and achieve welcome effects.
Keywords/Search Tags:purchasing management, lean purchasing, a TOPSIS iuzzy evaluation model, a Leader-Follower purchasing model
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