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Physician-patient Relationship Theory - Legal Research For Resolving Medical Disputes

Posted on:2005-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L GaoFull Text:PDF
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How to solute medical treatment dispute between the medical party and the pantients pefecterly has been the focus problem that the society concerns.This text tries to investigate the legal method to solve the medical treatment dispute from the angle of doctor-patient relationship.In this text, the author analyze the subject, contents,object of the law relation from main factors that compose the doctor-patient legal relationship ,which provides the theory foundation for the solution to the medical treatment dispute at first .Further,the author discuss the character of the doctor-patient legal relationship, which provides the legal according for the solution to the medical treatment dispute.The reason for the medical treatment dispute is the unfair assignment of the right and the obligation between doctors and patients. This text inquiries the unity and the opposition both of the parties'right and obligation from the theory and the practice . It is important to handle the medical treatment dispute and prevent it from happening . Finally, the author study the principle of soluting medical treatment dispute from the aspect of legal control about the clash of both parties' benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:doctor-patient relationship, medical treatment dispute, legal control
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