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On The Value Of Criminal Procedure The Right To Silence

Posted on:2005-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The right of silence is that when interrogated by judicial staff in the criminal proceeding , suspect or defendant has right to keep silence and to refuse to prove his own crime by himself. The right of silence originates from England. This article will briefly introduce its development history. On one hand, the value of criminal litigation is to check extorting a confession by torture and to purpue the human rights and judicial justice. On the other hand , the value of the criminal litigation can not be in tune with our present legislation. As so far our country hasn't clearly defined the system of the right of silence , the article ,from many aspects including accusation, procedure, investigation needs and eet, will discuss whether it is necessary to draw up the system of silence right and how to confine it.
Keywords/Search Tags:the right of silence, extort a confession by torture, criminal litigation value
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