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Inner Mongolia Hangjinqi Sustainable Land Use

Posted on:2004-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125956943Subject:Human Geography
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Land sustainable use is the foundation of national economy, therefore, it is also one of the essential issues in the sustainable development. Land sustainable use has multiple meanings. In terms of the purpose of its use, it means to maintain the continuous growth and stability of the productive force, to protect the productive potential of soil resources and prevent the degeneration of the land, meanwhile to fulfill the economic and social effect. In terms of the relation between supply and demand of land, land sustainable use is to keep a sustainable balance between the supply and demand of land, which converts the inflexible natural supply of land resources into the flexible amount of economic supply to meet people's growing needs for land resource. From the point of view of the relation between human and land, land sustainable use means the adjustment and harmony between human and land, i.e. the productivity and prospect of soil resources should meet the needs of present development and human existence, productive and social life in the future. Its core is to guarantee that land resource can meet the needs of the development of human society.Hanggin Banner of Inner Mongolia lies in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the north of Erdos Plateau. Its landform consists of the alluvial plain of the Yellow River, Kubuqi Dessert, Erdos Plateau, hills with the loss of arenaceous, rocks, Mouso sand land, and so on. The types of land use are various, mainly including irrigation agriculture, grassland husbandry, ecological forestry on sand land and exploitation of minerals.In the region of Hanggin Banner, land degeneration is very serious due to wind erosion, grassland degeneration, secondary salinization of soil, soil erosion, and the reduction of creature diversity. The main factors that restrict the sustainable development of economy of Hanggin Banner lies in the backward local economy, the low level of local education and technological development besides the degeneration of land. Therefore, land sustainable use in Hanggin Banner has become one of the most important issues urgent to be solved there, which is closely related to the sustainable development of local society and economy..According to changes and the stability in nature, society, ecology of Hanggin Banner in certain parts and in the foreseeable period, the research on the land sustainable use in the region aims to guarantee the productive potential of land resources and prevent land degeneration through the adjustment and the change of the structure of land use system in certain region and consequent functional benefits. The sustained growing and the stability of land productivity can be achieved. Consequently, the land use can be ecologically sustainable, economically feasible and socially acceptable.
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