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Zheng Coal Restructuring Planning Program

Posted on:2005-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P T LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125957564Subject:Business Administration
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Through reform system of the studying of current situation to Zheng coal historical evolution , corporate structure , asset-liabilities state , human resources state and enterprise of group company, combine its analysis in influence factors , such as trade characteristic , economic trend , policy environment that are in .etc., and has carried on the discussion to the implementation step , existing problem and precautions of the scheme, in the range that present law and policy allow , combine the actual conditions of enterprises, to reform system course degree of difficulty heavy link carry on innovation of operation mode, in order to meet the effectiveness to the maximum extent. Lay particular emphasis on steady , give consideration to benefit, make the keen-witted and capable staple , seperation of main and secondary business activities , person who complement reform system , separate enterprise not to run reform of the society plan the scheme.The SOE reform in 20 has never touched this substantive question of the property right, do not have a good scheme to find a room for to the worker of state-owned enterprise of the structural unemployment, there are a lot of restriction factors in addition , make the state-owned enterprise reform system and walk with difficulty, Coal Zheng group company one heavy state-run limited company alone, the predecessor is a mineral bureau of Zhengzhou, the total value of the assets is 5,487 million yuan, worker on the regular payroll is 45,000, the core business is coal production , generation of electric power by thermal power , electrolytic aluminium, through is it form include the railway to manage in pluralism, building materials , build , not light to take pharmacy, metal products , hotel travel, scientific and technological information , agriculture and forestry herd pair ,etc. inter-trade , trans-regional enterprise group by mechanism machine, Require according to state policies 2005 finish keen-witted and capable staple , property relations to separate complementing industry reform, and carry on the integration of the resources to all coal enterprises of the area of Zhengzhou, is it purchase , control interest to take , many way of uniting etc. finish Zhengzhou area 600 more than annexation of coal enterprise.Under the background, this text utilize various kinds of advantage make Zheng coal group company reform system of the scheme not merely, have also explained guidelines , overall train of thought, existing problem of the scheme and precautions of reforming system especially, suitable for the situation at present, suit the real innovative train of thought of enterprises after putting forward a series ofClick having mainly in innovation of this text: Utilize integration of the resources, drive scale enlargement, increase the employment opportunity, reduce redundant staff to flow of society , solve tired to wind the bottleneck problem that the state-owned enterprise reform system; Set up through the rational stock right , make the leader of state-owned enterprise with the administrative rank become a real entrepreneur, have set up fruitful encouragement controlling mechanism ; According to geographical features of enterprise , put forward progressively , separate enterprise run imagination of society multi-way, prevent the social function from presenting the managerial vacuum.Through a series of innovation of operation mode , break through very heavy open and upright wall that state-owned enterprise reform system. Have carry on the overall plan in implementing the step in the scheme, has pointed out the existing problem and precautions while operating, is it plan scheme have better effectiveness very originally to make, achieve keen-witted and capable staple , seperation of main and secondary business activities , person who complement reform system , separate enterprises not to run the reform purpose of the societyTaking planning the scheme in this as foundation Zheng coal conglomerate reform system scheme get Henan Province state-run assets reply of committee already...
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