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On The Construction Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2005-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125957984Subject:Administrative Management
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The administration reform has become a tendency globally since 1970s. All the theories and practices of western administration reform are aimed in improving service quality and showing a better face of the public organizations. Those reforms also reflected that people pay more attention to and get better result in service functionality, service principle, service quality and service efficiency area. The new concept of 'service style government' emerged in China in the recent years. This reflected the changes of the functionalities of our government; meanwhile it also showed the digestion of new public administration theory and practice abroad.This article draws a outline of the history of public administration theory, thoroughly studied the establishment of the service style government in China base on the analysis of the relationship between the new public administration and new public service, and the analysis of the reform practices domestic and abroad in the past. It could lead to some new reform ideas and new reform styles. If that can be true, no doubt it will benefit the reform and refurbish of our government's administration structure.This article first described the implication and definition of the concept of 'Service style government'. In fact the concept of 'Service style government' is regarded as the goal of government administration reform in the 21 century in theory as well as in practice. This fact largely is based on the environment changes that our governments will face in 21 century.In part III, the real motivation and theory support for establishing the new service style government are analyzed. Its external pressure comes from the rapid globalization. Its technical motivation comes from the knowledge economy and information revolution. Theory support comes from 3 areas. They are: the goal of new public administration, the goal of administration and the goal of the new public service theory.The public service is the eventual product of the government commitments. It is the kernel of the new service style government and the basic character of modern administration. In the part IV, the various public service models isanalyzed in the view of allocation of the complex rules and regulations. The public service supply from government, putting the public service in the market and the public service socialization are deeply analyzed.For those services that do not fit to outsource, government should choose the appropriate way even the creative way to reflect the purpose of public service. In Part V, the refreshment of the government service strategy is analyzed in 3 areas: establishment of clear and normalized service criteria, realizing and monitoring the service criteria, organizing and creating the service styles. At the end of this article, there are some advises of how to establishing the new service style government in China.
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