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Soft Environment Construction Of Shanghai International Shipping Center And The Role Of Government

Posted on:2005-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125961156Subject:Industrial Economics
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Since the objective of the development of Shanghai international shipping center has been put forward in 1996, people have become more and more concerned about this project. To reach the aim, many experts have studied the project macroscopically, microscopically, to offer theoretical support and suggestion from both one aspect and all aspects. On this basis, this paper attaches great emphasis to the development of international shipping center's soft environment.According to the characteristics of the economic environment of the region, the paper divides economic environment into soft environment, which includes economic soft environment and governmental soft environment, and hard environment. On the basis of definition of modern international shipping center, the paper define international shipping center's soft environment, including law, polices, market, financing, information and human resources.Over past few years, all aspects of the development of Shanghai international shipping center's soft environment have been improved considerably. But by the standard of international shipping center's soft environment, Shanghai should make greater efforts. So Shanghai shall take pertinent measures in the future.To set up examples to follow, the paper studies five international shipping centers, that is London, New York, Rotterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong, and then give the international successful experiences in the process of their formation and development. These experiences are involved in law, free trade port policy, shipping market, finance, information, advanced technology, relative services and human resource. And the paper also analyzes why these factors are important.After the above analysis, the paper uses economical theories to make further study on this point, with the emphases on government's role in the development. Although economical theories do not encourage regulation unless when market cannot work properly, regulation will play an important role in improving Shanghai's international shipping center's soft environment, due to China's economic reform, its influence to the whole country, the right time to compete the status of international shipping center and government being an key part of the soft environment. The paper first makes out the aim, object, means, pattern and organization of regulation, then analyzes how government takes steps to improve information service, to regulate market with asymmetrical information as well as monopoly, and to reform government approval procedures. Finally the paper offers the suggestion in these aspects. In the end, the author summarizes the paper.-2-Wu xiaohui(lndustrial Economics) Directed by Qu Linchi...
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