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Based E-commerce Supply Chain Logistics Research

Posted on:2005-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Q XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152455121Subject:Business Administration
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The supply chain logistic busywork process under the E-Commerce is the same as under the conventional commerce, which still provide stock, purchase of merchandise, goods of management, inventory management and delivering goods etc. But in our country, the E-Commerce in general exists one question, which had been investigating, and discussing without coming down to, this is the question about benefit of scale of the supply chain logistics management and the supply chain logistics.Under the traditional commerce, because each corporation logistics management is disordered and the logistics organization detract in the supply chain, make management confuse,logistics channel legion, relation of channel complex, induce inefficiency of delivering goods. Because the resource of corporation logistics collocates is illogicality, make information processing below, the logistics ability no well, induce cannot shape scale benefit. The status of logistics badly influences the convenience of E-Commerce. So in order to dispose the service demand of network shop operator, we may finish the back end serve of the E-Commerce logistics in best time, it is imperative under the situation to investigate the management of logistics and its questions of the scale benefit.This dissertation mostly applies the method of the comparative analysis and the example analyze,under the traditional logistics the characteristic is summarized on based of which analyzed the connection of serving chain and logistics. By analyzing the relation of supply chain and logistics, Supply chain management and logistics management, demonstrate the inevitability and adaptability of adopting the integration supply chain logistics management, so we solve the question of the supply chain logistics management under the E-Commerce. Its ordinance collocating in reason summarizes the condition of the logistics center. Based on it, we can analyze superiority of the third party. and demonstrate the feasibility and the adaptability that we adopt the third party logistics. So we can solve the management of logistics and its questions of the scale benefit.This dissertation demonstrates the condition of the integration and the third party logistics company under the E-Commerce, equally offers the resolve project and the credible theory for the logistics system of information, socialization and modernization in order to establish accommodate to the development needs of E-Commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic Commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
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