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Communists Subjective Reality Of The Transformation Of The World

Posted on:2005-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152455701Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Humanity is not perfect .It not only has the active, bright and beautiful aspect, but also has the inactive, dark and ugly aspect. Although these two aspects can't be destroyed, one of them can be presented more in the real world through rebuilding the subjective world. As a communist, he needs to create an advanced image by rebuilding the subjective world continually. Especially in this new period, in which peace and development are the motif and reformation and development of the market economy are the background, some of communists' subjective world change, but as the representative of the people's benefit, communists don't allow that the changing of philosophy and world-view happens, in case it influences the whole image of the communist. So rebuilding the communist's subjective world is full of meaning of reality.The communist' subjective world refers to their whole spirit field, the total of their value, dream, belief, emotion and morality. It characterizes as the union of scientific knowledge, advancement of idea and action, representative of people's benefit, internal self-consciousness, the union of individual, collective, and community. The communists' rebuilding the subjective world has the real necessary. It can be divided into the real necessary and real possibility. The real necessary comes from: from the real development, the change of the position, the environment and self-status where our party exists require the communists to rebuild the subjective world continually, in order to obtain people's support for ever; from the prospective development, building the well-to-do society fully and the historic task of realizing Chinese people's great renaissance require the image of pioneer soldier of the community leads the mass to struggle; from the international environment, the change of time in the world requires the communist to emphasize the rebuilding of the subjective world, in order to deal with the bourgeois' corruption. The real possibility is showed in: it suits the principle of Marxism's philosophy, has the base of methodology and practice and accumulates some methods of rebuilding thesubjective world. So we should reinforce the theory study, participate in the social practice actively, and utilize the criticism and self-criticism to rebuild the subjective world, thereby we become the mainstay of the social construction...
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