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Securities Investment Fund Investment Behavior

Posted on:2005-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J G ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152456501Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The security investment fund is as the important participant of security market; its investment behavior will have a far-reaching impact on security market and even the whole macroscopically economical operation.In view of the domestic and international similar research existing problem, this text is rounding this theme of the investment behavior of security investment fund, after ABC of the security investment fund of the introduction, proceed with the objective basis of Ihe behavior of investment and positive research, to ihe decision model of the behavior of investment sequentially, the appraisal of the behavior of investment, the restraint and encouragement of the behavior of investment have been studied .In the course of concrete research, this text invest fund in risk securities and have risk between the securities from securities and risk investment inside the securities choose two respects, have set up the decision model which portrays its investment behavior. Meanwhile, this, in order to further investigate the characteristic of the income of security market and fluctuation reason too, have offered the logic foundation. Have recommended and compared the appraisal method of the investment behavior of security investment fund, and structure a appraisal system frame to our country's conditions. Point out the investment behavior existing problem of security investment fund, and some restraint measures of proposition of pertinence. Make an investment in security investment fund encouragement of behavior, set up encouragement model that achievement leads on the basis of " lazy model ", and through is it invest in style accord with factor expand to their to introduce. Meanwhile, this offered theory support for administration of the security investment fund loo.The behavior of the investment of Ihe security investment fund is studied, not merely have very strong theory value, meanwhile, and have stronger practical value too. So, the research results of this text have certain reference value to investors and supervision department.
Keywords/Search Tags:Security investment fund, Behavior of investment, Decision Encouragement, Model
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