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Study. The Nanchong Macro Real Estate Company Marketing Strategy

Posted on:2005-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152456548Subject:Oil and Natural Gas Engineering
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With the market competition aggravating day by day, how about make the benefit of company maximize and sell more buildings, which is goals that the real estate developer pursues. But with the influence in many aspects, such as state policies, trade environment, enterprise one's own quality, etc. The realtor will face various problems in the course of marketing of the building. One of the questions is the formulation and implementation of the real estate marketing tactics.This text has carried on the market survey for many years, and collected and grasped a large amount of firsthand materials. And Collect a lot of second hand materialness, reading, analyze and study these materials and foundation of the document conscientiously through ways, in order to expound the fact that products characteristic of real estate, the marketing characteristic, marketing principle, etc. Face inside marketing state, market environment, policy environment, market competition environmental analysis of the Hongye real estate company of Nanchong, the marketing tactics which the overall and systematic argumentation of Hongye real estate company of Nanchong should be taken, which including brand tactics, marketing channel, pricing tactics, and promote means tactics etc. And then the text has analyzed that influences of the house appearance, structure, quantity, side and so on. In the analyzing, also has emphasized 4CS marketing theory's rational application during the marketing of the real estate, the individualized new marketing means of the real estate, and the analyze that is described in a lot of respects, such as development trend, etc. of method and brand inaction of treatment of final quotation.The research of this text has adopted the theory and analyses that is combined with actual research, special products and trade are on sale throughout train of thought and method that the theory law combine together. Focusing on current situation and question to analyze, the environmental analysis of internal and external marketing, of the enterprise, in the purpose of how can company make marketing tactics by Hongye real estate company of Ranching. And then to solve all kinds of problems appearing in marketing with this. Through the research of this subject, have summarized out and make the marketing tactics with effective science, which is the way that must be passed of development of Hongye real estate company of Nanchong.
Keywords/Search Tags:The real estate, Developer, The tactics of marketing, Price strategy, The tactics of the brand, The tactics of channel, The tactics of promote
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