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Labor Under The Guidance Of The Socialist Principle Of Communal Ownership Reform Of State-owned Enterprises

Posted on:2006-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J K LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152483463Subject:Political economy
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China's State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) reform has experienced a long and painstaking process since the start of our country's economic system reform.Apparently, the result of the SOEs reform is not desirable. Practice is the fundamental criterion of truth. Practically speaking, a large amount of undeniable facts have proved that the ongoing SOEs reform is privatization-oriented. The ratio of the state-owned economy is on the decrease, while the ratio of the private economy is on the increase . Many local governments regard the SOEs as their burden and throw these enterprises by selling them out. Local governments set a norm for the quantity of laid-off workers and order these enterprises to complete their ownership reform (privatization) within a time limit by administrative decree. Local governments' actions have caused the emergence of more and more laid-off workers, the deterioration of their living conditions, the loss of the master status of the working class and the serious infringement of the workers' interests and rights. Because of these negative effects, such reform can not continue any longer.Serious reality forces people to think: what on earth is the cause of the problem? Now, it's time to reflect the issue of the SOEs reform thoroughly. It is necessary to observe the ongoing SOEs reform in an all-round way from the aspects of the reform's orientation, theoretic basis and system design.The 1st part of this thesis points out that the theoretic basis of the founding of SOEs in China is the theory of the state-owned capital, rather than Karl Marx's public ownership theory through the analysis of the theoretic and material basis of the founding of the SOEs in China. Then it proposes the causes and necessity of using labor socialist public ownership theory (an improved socialist public ownership theory) to directing the SOEs reform. At last, the article puts forward the concept on the choice of the route and scheme of the SOEs reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned Capital, Labor Socialist Public Ownership, State-owned Enterprises Reform
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