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Experts To Select The Algorithm Design And System Implementation

Posted on:2006-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152485395Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As informationization sprawling around the world and in almost all industries, people gradually realize that existing technologies cannot cater to needs of managers. Some systems—like DSS and Expert System—which are with the AI technology do soothe the problem. Correspondingly, lately, systems with actual expert pools turn up in reality. However, the poor functions to appoint experts in these new-born systems finally became one serious barrier to themselves. As a result, the efficiency and performance of these systems is still crippled.Hence, research for the function to choose and appoint an expert contains a large number of genuine meanings. It will enhance not only the effectiveness of managers' and the experts' working, but also fairness of censoring procedure. The content of this work holds the followings:Firstly, based on ideas at home and aboard, this work selects one that definitely suits the real data status quo in China.Secondly, on the ground of the idea and aimed at the real project—the Management Systems of Science and Technology Fund of Liaoning Province, this work creatively proposes a whole set of genetic algorithms, and builds up the corresponding system—Choosing Experts System.Last, this work extends the algorithms' application, validates them with project's data, and authorizes the feasibility and viability of the algorithms through rigid mathematics proving and real data test.This work employs conceptional research, real data test, and mathematical proving as core methods. Also, the algorithms in the text are fresh consideration about such issues, and may enlighten following researches.
Keywords/Search Tags:Choosing Experts, Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Appraisal, Key Factors, Matching, Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm
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