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Industrial Structure And Economic Growth Statistics

Posted on:2006-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The relationship between industrial structure and economic growth is extremely close. Industrial structure is a foundation of the economic growth, is one of the basic factors which promote the economic growth; Economic growth will lead to the corresponding change on the industrial structure. This paper on the basis of drawing lessons from the achievements of forefathers, uses the analytical method of many kinds of statistics and has carried on the real example on the relation between the economic growth and the industrial structure of the old industrial base of the Northeast. Following the thinking of research achievement review- research category - the real example analyses, the full paper divides into four chapters altogether: Chapter one, A survey studying in industrial structure and economic growth relation. Starting from the model of economic growth which repels the structure factor, then observing the research achievement of the structure variable introduced both at home and abroad, and a simple appraisal on them has carried on. Chapter two, A general explanation of industrial structure and economic growth. First of all, explained the meaning, characteristic of the industrial structure. Secondly, having pointed out the theory of resource distribution expounds the inherent relation between the economic growth and the industrial structure adjustment. Chapter three, The analysis of the industrial structure of the Northeast old industrial base. First of all, adopting the index of outputs and workforce, describes the current situation, Secondly, having carried on comparative analysis between the Northeast and some countries or areas through the two indexes. Chapter four, The analysis of real example between industrial structure and the economic growth of Northeast old industrial base. Adopting the cointegration and variance decomposition method in dynamic econometrics, has carried on the analysis on industrial structure change and economic growth, having drawn some information and conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial structure, economic growth, the Northeast old industrial base
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