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"interim Provisions" Non-fair Related Party Transactions Of Listed Companies

Posted on:2006-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Related Party Transactions of the list corporations are a hot issue in the market and very popular for business operations in almost every country. It is an obvious fact that the performance on the financial report is adjusted by the Related Party Transactions, for most of the list corporations being re-organized from state-owned enterprises and having close and complicated relations with the parent company or the subsidiaries. It is this thesis's focus that whether a series accounting laws and regulations' publishing, like Enterprise Accounting Standards- the Disclosure about the Relationship and Transaction with Related Parties, can effectively restrict the list corporations' activity.This thesis is composed of four parts, the first of which, as a preface, presents the reason and motivation to choose this topic. The rest shows the background of the unfair related party transactions occurring, the aspects on which Provisional Rules on Accounting Disposal about the Asset-sold Between Related Parties can restrict the unfair related party transactions, and the extent of the effect through analyzing the dates collected from the public companies' reports. In the last part, this thesis manifests the new trend and exhibition of the related party transactions after the regulations published, and recommends some suggestions about how to perfect the statutes.Although the disclosure is more detailed in the 2003 annual reports on those aspects which the Provisional Rules have regulated in particular like recognizing revenue upon book value for unwonted commodity selling, it can be found out that the annual report's disclosure about the related party transactions is not improved a lot comparing to 2000 annual report after the regulation was published. But there are still many business operations that can be used to adjusting profit by escaping the regulation. At the same time, it puts much effort on prescribing how to operate while pays no attention on disclosing the detail of the result of operation. This doesn't help to outside supervising and auditing, so this thesis provides some recommendations for the rule to prevent unfair Related Party Transactions effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Provisional Regulations, unfair, related party transaction, experimental analysis, the public company
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