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Innovation Of Township Government In The Context Of Villagers' Autonomy Governance Model

Posted on:2006-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152490855Subject:Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
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As the extending bottom of system of the national administrative power ,the Administrative Power of Township , on the one hand ,enjoys the right togovernance effectively on the economic and social development and culturalconstruction of the whole town on behalf of the state ;on the other hand , it hasthe liability for guidance , coordination and help with the rural socialorganizations in the township regime , among which the Villagers'Self—government is the leading force . With the world—spread development of temporary democracy andpolitical movement , the sense of modern democracy governance is also put onthe agenda of reform and keep popular in every country . As one of the greatestdeveloping country , which is on the road to its realization of nationalmodernization , China has no choice but put the farmers' issues on the topagenda of our Party and the Central Government these days in the face of thestern situation of contradictions sprung up during the course of economic andsocial transformation and system transition within the country . Accordingly ,this objectively requires the Administrative Power of Township , which islocated the social contradiction and interests outlet of state and society,especially at the lowest level of rural society , has to change its governmentconception in time ——which requires realizing from the administrativegovernment under the traditional—and—pressure administrative system to themodern governance under the democratic—and—cooperative administrativesystem , has to normalize its governance activity , perfect its governance rules ,establish a sound governance and supervision organism , and manage to have acreative governance model for itself , which is based on the Villagers'Self—government , on the requisite premise of change in its coursing contextfor power at the level of township , and on the accurate grasp for itsdevelopment trend in the future ——which will make the AdministrativePower of Township become a devolving office for the county level ofadministrative power . This article is trying to deal with the questions above—mentioned using themethods of Marxism –political analysis which combined prescriptive researchwith experience research , and the analystic methods ofspecification—and—quantitative research based on adhering to the historicalmaterialism and dialectical materialism from the angle of realizing theinnovation of governance model of the existing Administrative Power ofTownship . It is composed of five parts : Ⅰ. The relationship between the Villagers' Self—government and thegovernance of the Administrative Power of Township . Ⅱ. The level of the Villagers' Self—government in today's China and theexisting models of governance of the Administrative Power of Township . Ⅲ . The eminent problems existed in the existing governance oftown—level administrative power , the hidden--and--corresponding reasonsabout it and the prerequisite and necessary for the Administrative Power ofTownship in our country to wage its innovation of governance . Ⅳ. The way and the object for the Administrative Power of Township toinnovate its governance model in our country . Ⅴ. The discussion and reflection on the innovation of governance modelat the level of township administrative power in our country in the case of theVillagers' Self—government.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Villagers' Self—government, the Administrative Power of Township, X town, the innovation, governance model
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