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Sheet Of Commercial Banks, Business Risk Management Study

Posted on:2006-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360152980802Subject:Business Administration
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This thesis carries on the research about the risk management and the control methods of the OBS(Off-Balance Sheet Activities), among them also have the introduction towards those involving to some essential knowledge of OBS as well in brief. The author thinks that the risk management of the OBS involves three big aspects: The risk identify, the risk generous character and the risk controlling, and the author divided this article into four part by this, the first part introduce the development condition of the OBS, includes the conception of the OBS and the necessity and urgency of developing the OBS in Chinese commercial bank etc;The second part emphasize on risk identify of the OBS, among them including the macroscopic risk and the tiny view risk.The macroscopic risk is definited from the macroscopic angle, not involve a certain concrete business, it studies the whole category makes use of the risk that brings for commercial bank. The tiny view risk identify is in the eyes of the concrete business, give the influence on the safety, liquidity and earningses of the bank.Respectively this text does the understanding to release to 10 kinds of tiny view risks list in the Basle Concordat, and study the method of how to identified these risks;The third part involves the toic of the risk generous character, because of the complexity of the OBS, there have a difficult problem to accurate generous of the OBS in the world, also there have not a generous character model. The writer put forward the own viewpoint about the generous character of the credit risk and the market risk based on the Basle Concordat; The fourth part is the most important part of this thesis , the management and the control of the risk. The risk identifies and the risk generous character is a premise of the risk management and control, also serving for it. Because the space limited, the writer did not constitute the moderate breezes insurance management to make to the risk of the each business detailed elaborate, but to put forward the basic risk from and the widespread meaning the decision moderate breezes insurance processing method, risk management of the technique measure that the foundation measure moderate breezes nearly manage, the standpoint that certainly among them have drew lessons from the research result between other experts and scholar, meaning with gratitude to them here, finally,the writer describe the present condition that commercial bank of China have done with risk management of OBS, the problem which have been in existence in it,also put forward the suggestion by which to resolve these problems and strengthen the management.In addition to theoretically of research and summary, the author also quote from the case of "Collapse of Barings",also analysis to the case to find out the shortage in risk management of OBS. Also point out the huge destructiveness of the creation risk and the importance of OBS risk managements. What to be special explanation is, this thesis introduced the contacts and Differentiations between broad sense of OBS to narrow sense of OBS, but the risk management of OBS that article discussed involve the Definition of the narrow sense only, include the guarantee ,Indetermination debtedness, commitment etc, or have relationship with rate of exchange and interest rate of Indetermination item,the narrow sense of OBS,financial service didn't be included in this thesis discussion scope ,because in these business, the bank mainly depends on the service charge as the purpose, there almost havn't any risk of capital loss .
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