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Xinjiang Analysis Of The Five Central Asian Countries Trade Development

Posted on:2006-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region, locating in the hinterland of the Eurasia and lying in the northwestern part of China, is the most significant routeway of the Silk Road. The national defence border line comes up to 5,600 kilometers, which account for one fourth of China's total national border line. Xinjiang borders on Mongolia, Russia, Kazakstan, Kirghizia, Tajikstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 1996 from of, Russia, Kazakhstan , lucky, five of towers establishment of " Shanghai Co-operation Organization " which make up in country, make the status as " front " opening to the outside world of Xinjiang consolidated further, and with the constant perfection of the cooperative structure of trade of five countries of Xinjiang and Central Asia, the constant enhancement of the national power of cooperative parties, both sides require higher and higher to the level and level of trade cooperation , the ones that influenced cooperation are favorable and ignoring more and more prominent unfavorably. Therefore the. potentiality , question and direction to probe into both sides' further cooperation have very important realistic meanings.This text divides five parts mainly: First part ,Cooperative characteristic of foreign trade of five countries of Xinjiang and Central Asia and potentiality. We find between Xinjiang and to wide tradedevelopment prospects Central Asia 5 country further after not analysing Xinjiang foreign trade characteristicking conscientiously, we must find the cooperative joint of both sides and improve the trade level i excavate trade potentiality , promote both sides to progress togetherSecond part ,Two big and main problems developed in foreign trade at present in Xinjiang." the resource advantage is weakened " not enough to cause of ability to produce support of the foreign trade industry of enterprises, have already become the bottleneck restraining the economy of Xinjiang from developing further with the outstanding trade disparate development question of south and north Sinkiang day by day, the direct consequence that these questions cause is: The position advantage potentiality of the open to the west front of Xinjiang can not be got, at the same time the gap of development of South Sinkiang , the whole country and even most areas of North SinKiang is larger and larger. If these two problems can not be solved, will have a very unfavorable impact on development of Xinjiang.The third part ,Practised to the foreign trade of Xinjiang directive significance in trade theory. Because Xinjiang and Central Asia five country exist a heavy one getting similar to explain to the traditional comparative theory very in such aspects as economic strength , resource advantage , productivity level, " divide the work economic theory " have actual directive significance with " newcoming advantage " theory toXinjiang and Central Asia five country development of trade even more.The fourth part ,Probe into foreign trade development influence , Central Africa of economic factor and government how about policy made foreign trade. While drafting the development strategy of foreign trade and products market orientation when must last policy , law and psychology not national , the other side of country. At the same time in order to promote the upgrading of the industrial structure of Xinjiang and reform of the trade structure, central authorities and local government should make reasonable policy is it lead and help development, Xinjiang of foreign trade industry to come, meanwhile , guarantee every policy is carried out effectively.The last part, point out the development of foreign trade of Xinjiang in the future should change the existing foreign trade way , through establish " free trade area " and set up " commercial networks " form is it in line with international standards the foreign trading system to set up fast in Central Asia five country.
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