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Regional High-tech Industrial Development Strategy

Posted on:2006-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360155465269Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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With the rapid development of information, living creature, new material and energy, aviation of technology revolution is accelerated in the present. And the proportion which is high-technology in the national economy is more and more. And it is becoming gradually the important motivation of economical development. So the development of high-technology industry has been the strategy core of almost countries' economic progress.Since, the reform and opening, our country's high-technology industry quickly is developed, their scale extends rapidly and involves information technology, living creature, new material and energy, aviation and medicine of technology and so on. And the community of business enterprise has been developed. Our country production value of high-technology added from 446000000000 yuan in 1993 to 1800000000000 yuan in 2001, and the average increases 22.7%. To adapt the developed tread of domestic and international high-technology industry, and meet the WTO challenge, we should accelerate developing regional high-technology industry, pushing the adjustment of our province economic and society.Although, our province's high-technology has been obtained the bigger progress, it still is placed in for stage in start and there are still many problems in the development. Firstly, the development of regional high-technology industry is much latter, their scale is much smaller and the proportion values in whole province's GDP and exported production is the below of national level. Secondly, the talent who is study and exploit is shortage in high-technology industry, and the primitive creative ability is low. Thirdly, put-in and put-out is not reasonable, the industry construction is unreasonable and the outlet of development is alone. There are chiefly four reasons for the situation: firstly, the progress of our province's economic and social development and the industry is the lagging; secondly, idea, system and mechanism is not adapted the request of the development high-technology industry; third, the install of technology resources is not sound, and the enterprise doesn't become the creative corpus of tbe technology; finally, the policy environment of the high-technology industry is not perfect in our province.In order to solve the issue, this thesis analyzes the current domestic and international situations and development tread in high-technology industry and we learn the advancedexperience from the other country. Then the thesis analyzes the situation regional high-technology industry and studies the development strategy of high-technology industry in the present situation. And then, the paper researches the policy of our province. In additional, the key of high-technology industry is to realize the industry investment, and the key of the industry investment is risk investment. So the risk investment of high-technology industry is the thesis. In the end, according to (Yunnan province statistics the data (2003)L the paper evaluates the industrial competition of our province high-technology industry to offer the basis of the government decision.Finally, the development of our province's high-technology industry should join together our province actual situation, and the government should make the development target. And we should insist the principle of technology creativity and system creativity, and combing the independence creativity with introduced technology; we should insist the principle of combining to install the resources by the market with to lead by the government; we should outstand the important point, format the advantage, and grow quickly the high-technology of the living creature, medicine technology, new material and energy, and machine-light-electricity and so on; we should accelerate developing the high-technology to realize the industry by the information industry.In a word the high-technology industry shall be grown the new added economy in our province and shall push the strategy adjustment of economic construction, promote the industry competition and realize the accelerated development.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-technology Industry, Strategy of Development, Venture Capital, Industry Competition, the Method of Principle Components Analysis.
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