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Acquisition Of The Target Enterprise Value

Posted on:2006-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the Enterprise's out-exchange statistic popular operating method and the capital operating core measure ,Merger and Acquisition (M & A) has become the tide and the guidance for the enterprise's development with the market economic system steeply perfecting ,the nation enterprise reforming deeply ,the modern enterprise system founding and perfecting. In the future M & A will continue happen between our enterprises.During the course of M&A, the evaluation of the objective unit is one of the key problem, which is the trading marrow and the key factor to success and failure of M& A. At the same time it is not only the accordance for bargaining, but also the base of the judgment of the loss of the nation's property or not.The text part, first simply introduces some theory and knowledge about M&A. Then It expounds and analyzes the researching status of the enterprise's valuation of the world, especially on the DCF valuation. Among them it detailed analyze how to determine the discount rate, the increase rate and the cash flow .At the same time it introduces the three other means that is the single-item property adds the total method, the ratio and the option valuation and their scope of application. It points out that we should select the correct valuation method fitting for the particular M&A activity to arrive our aim of clear with science towards target business enterprise value, since the method towards target business enterprise value takes the gauge of category many and it has its science rationality, also there is blemish and lack. Lastly checking it through a success case and be sure that this will be the reference and theory guidance to the coming M& A.
Keywords/Search Tags:Merger and Acquisition, Valuable Evaluation, Case Study
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