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Medical Contract Research

Posted on:2006-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This text passes the whole research to the medical treatment contract theories, going deep in to analyze the property, contents, theories foundation, the system design of the medical treatment contract etc. each aspect.The benefit diagram from whole come up to hold the medical treatment contract, thus solve to provide a terrace smoothly for the medical treatment dispute.Curing to suffer from relation is the law foundation of the medical treatment contract, curing to suffer from the equal principle of both parties' position to pursue studies increasingly approbation, for cure to suffer from the relation define to related to provide the theories foundation for the equal contract, solid will cure to suffer from relation define for the medical treatment contract.The property of the medical treatment contract is an unknown contract. Cure square and the sufferer's squares are the party concerneds of the medical treatment contract.The duty that cures the square mainly has: the Make a diagnosis and treatment, explain, the turn , the keep secret, protect, take care of etc. duty, the sufferer's square mainly has:Pay the duty of the medical treatment expenses, the match treatment.Request the power as for the civil case responsibility of the medical treatment trouble the main adoption to match to say unexpectedly.The victim has the option.The Mainly include the compulsive to invite the duty and lower the request to sufferer invites the behavior ability to the special rules system of the medical treatment contract.
Keywords/Search Tags:Unknown contract, Cure to suffer from the relation, The trouble medical treatment, responsibility of Medical treatment, Medical treatment dispute
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