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Malfeasance Cases The Collection Of Evidence

Posted on:2006-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article begins with the problem of the evidence collecting of an pirating case which has been done by the author in practice, studies the necessity and importance of the evidence collecting and some other connected contents.As the criminal procedure law regulates in the ninth chapter, the misconduct guilt and the state organs missionaries using privilege to pirate the people's right and democratic rights depends on the procuratorate to detect.State organs missionaries are part of the state missionaries, they are the people who work on the basis of law in the state organs. Their misconduct guilt depends on the procuratorate to detect, this is a reflection of the country's determination on operating officers on the basis of the law. It is also an important approach to build a socialist law-based country.This kind of case has the common feature of the usual criminal case, it also has it's unique character. It always has a strong connection of the act of the behavioral agent and this kind of act contains using privilege, abusing rights, scrimshank and self-seeking misconduct.As for the state organs missionaries' misconduct guilt, the collecting of evidence use the object of proof of the construction of criminal as the main line. This article interpreted the object of proof of the pirating case under the state criminal law regulated.Through the theoretical interpreting and the practice in common works, this article collected and analyzed the principle, reason, approach, collecting content, main evidence and the require of the pirating case's evidence collecting. Differ from many early articles, books and the interpreting way which use seven law-based evidence as main line, the author believes that this kind of evidence collecting approach can prevent missing, make the evidence collecting more comprehensively, particularitily, and correctly.
Keywords/Search Tags:procuratorial organization, pirating, evidence collecting, object of proof
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