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Modern E-commerce Electronic Signature Research

Posted on:2007-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360182498256Subject:International law
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With the rapid development of the information technology and the popularization of the Internet, the efficient electronic commerce is taking the place of the traditional commerce since 1990's. However, the security of the electronic commerce is emphasized because of the dummy bargainer, the paperless transaction, the electronic payment, the reliant on credit and also because the transaction is cross-territory and without board. Thus the electronic signature comes into being.This thesis is composed of five chapters. The chapter one mainly introduces the brief of the E-Commerce, including the concept, the content, the character, the classification, the security problem and the certification technology of the E-Commerce. The chapter two mainly introduces the brief of the E-Signature, including the origin, the produce, the validation procedure, the principle of the technology adoption, the character, the force adeffect, the applicable range of the E-Signature. The chapter three mainly introduce the international legislation of the E-Signature, including the classification, the principle, the character of the legislation and the legislation of the main international organizations and countries. The chapter four mainly introduces the E-Signature legislation of China. The chapter five mainly introduces the E-Signature legal problems of China and the countermeasures.There are two purpose of this thesis by studying the E-Commerce, the E-Signature and its legislation. One is to study the relationship and the character between the E-Commerce and the E-Signature. The other is to improve the of China. Thus, to reinforce the research on the E-Signature system is very important not only to the science and technology but also to the practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic commerce, electronic signature, Certification Administration, international legislation, legal problem
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