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Summary Of The Criminal Trial Study

Posted on:2006-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Become two major value goals that modern contentious procedure pursue with benefit just , the appearance of the summary procedure, in order to coordinate the contradiction between the two , thus judicial resources that better favourable terrain is limited, ensure the realization of defendant's lawsuit right. The setting-up of the criminal summary procedure of our country, has enriched the criminal law system of our country, distributing the vigorous vitality in practice, but with the development of society, the contradiction between the constant soaring of the limited and quantity of case of judicial resources is conspicuous day by day, to is it is it produce a lot of questions to expose thereupon too to suitable to apply of our country criminal summary procedure at present, need to carry on the reform settledly . This text has described the criminal summary procedure from five respects. First part It is theoretical foundation and interreaction of describing the criminal summary procedure, second part Making an introduction to main criminal summary procedure of foreign countries, the third part It is the overview of the applicable criminal summary procedure of the present stage of our country, the fourth part Have analysed the defect of the criminal summary procedure of our country, the fifth part Have proposed some suggestions on the constructing again of criminal summary procedure of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Simple procedure, Fair procedure, Lawsuit efficiency, Plea bargaining
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