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Reflection And Reconstruction Of Remission System

Posted on:2006-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Commutation of sentence which plays an key role in the transformation of the criminal is an important system of enforcement of punishment as well as the commonest legal encouraging measure.However, both the defects and the disadvantages appeared in the system of commutation have hindered the development of the commutation of sentence, preventing the commutation system from being normally perfected. Therefore the commutation system should be improved to satisfy the changing need of modern execution society.The commutation system in theory and practice is mainly discussed in the thesis which consists of two chapters besides the preface and ending.Chapter 1 the deep thought into the commutation system, mainly analyzing the defects and the disadvantages at present both in the theory and practice of commutation system in our country and at the same time discussing the basis concept and innotation about the commutation system to which we need pay attention.Chapter 2 the construction of commutation system at present in our country, including the formulation of commutation laws and regulations and the abolishment of commuting sentence charged by court of justice. As suggested in this thesis the committee of deliberation of commutation subordinated to prison management department should be responsible for commuting sentence in stead of the court of justice, at the same time the procedure guarantee and the supervision system of commutation have also be mentioned above, at last some practical suggestion in details and some relative practical measures are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commutation system, Assessment of marks, Correction guarantee, Execution of penalty, Procedure guarantee, Supervision of commutation
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