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Rational Thinking On The Right To Silence

Posted on:2006-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the reformation of our country's Criminal prosecution system, especially since our government signed " International convention of Citizens and Political Rights ", the right to keep silence has aroused the widespread interest of academic circle , political circle and the public community .To insure the people's rights, some scholars call for establishing Criminal silence power system as soon as possible to protect people's rights in a greater degree and connect with the international development. However, the right to keep silence is a relatively complex problem that can affect many aspects. On the whole our study of the right to keep silence system is only in the beginning, the deep theory exploration, especially the necessary example analysis is not enough;so it is far from the deep study exploration to the positive and negative effect of this system and the legislation pattern of our country's right to keep silence. This article aims to comment on some important measures that taken in the reformation of the rights to keep silence by America and British in recent years, with the judicial practice of our "Confesses leniently, resistance severely ", to seek some beneficial enlightenment to us.
Keywords/Search Tags:the right to keep, silence the people's, rights, criminal silence
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