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Listed Company's Financial And Accounting Reports Of Fraud Legal Regulation

Posted on:2007-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y QianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360182990349Subject:Economic Law
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In recent years, financial reporting fraud of listed company is becoming worse. Ithas turned out to be the problem of the whole world. These fraud scandals damagedthe investors' legal interests, destroyed securities market's normal order and causedcapital market's credit crisis. Financial reporting fraud of listed company can't beperished by securities market. Securities market can't change the exchange parties'status and information's nonequivalence. The listed company may abuse superiorityto fraud for itself. In this situation, how to protect investors' legal interests and punishthe fraud are the emergent problems. It's necessary to analyze and study this problemin law sight.The dissertation begins with the definition of financial reporting fraud of listedcompany. It emphasizes the reality, the reasons and specific thoughts by concreteevidence and analogy. This dissertation consists of four parts:Part one is to define financial reporting fraud of listed company. By analyzingfinancial reporting and fraud separately, we get this definition and four elements.Part two is to analyze financial reporting fraud of listed company empirically. Inanalysis of reality, the USA's condition is simply introduced and the China's isconcluded in three aspects. In law regulation's system, our country must set up thisregulation mode by comparing with the American and English mode.Part three is to analyze the reasons of financial reporting fraud of listed company.The reasons are divided into the outside and the internal ones. The outside ones arethe flaws of regulation mode and the loss of CPA's independence. The internal onesare the flaws of internal controls and fraud intention.Part four is to restrict financial reporting fraud of listed company by law, whichis the important part of the dissertation. The basic principles are the true, three pubicand the equal one. They provide the total guide for restrict the fraud and reinforce theappliance of concrete law. The dissertation is to set up disclosure standard and lawremedies by improving regulation mode. CPA will disclose more financial reportingfraud by improving audit regulation system. The financial reporting's disclosure is tobe controlled and supervised by improving the internal control system.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial reporting fraud, internal control, audit regulation
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