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The Development Of Intermediary Organizations In The Transformation Of Government Functions And Related Strategies

Posted on:2007-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360185456232Subject:Administrative Management
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with the development of the society,the economic global tidal wave has infiltrated every aspect of the society.There are more and more society affairs and inconsistencies,different kinds of economic organinzations develope so fast ,interest and marketing pluralistic demand the old power and resource's pattern changed . the transformation of government function become the center of the world government's key point, this key point is that building a"small government ,big society",That's the corporation of the government and society; realizing the change from the man to paddle the boat to the man to lead the boat , this demand government give up some power to the society and not participate in the management of economic directly. the weakness of the government function and the vacancy of the mangement make the medi-organization's appearance to be imminency,the development of the marketing and the transformation of government function midwifery the medi-organization, while the development of the medi-organization provides the transformation of government function possibility.According to China's especial situiation, especially the transformation of government function's macroscopical entironment .Basing on the lots of materials about the medi-organization in China and foreign countries, this paper mostly analyses the development of the medi-organization and the develping strategy in the government function. Firstly the paper mentions the focus problems of development and consummating of the medi-organization Summarizing the medi-organization's meaning, function , characteristic and basic theories through the correlative theroies. Then analysing the relationship between the transformation of government function and the development of medi-organization and introduces of the actuality and the development of the medi-organization, unclosing the problems of the development of medi-organization from this .the paper refers the strategies of the medi-organization's developing through the analysing of the development of the domestic and oversea medi-organizations and the enlightening that from the development of the oversea medi-organizations. For example, in the tactic, the paper firstly mentions the direction of the development of the medi-organization,and the civilian or nongovernmental trend, corrects the wrong cognitions, makes the marketing oriented .Then bringing...
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