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On Civil Liability For Certified Public Accountants

Posted on:2007-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The civil liability of Certificated Public Accountant (CPA) is a world problem. The CPA is a independent and authorized expert in accounting. The CPA will be held responsible for infringing duty of care. This thesis bases on professional liability theory to study CPA's civil liability, and discusses the object,nature,judging principles and constitutional elements. The CPA bears the civil liability to third party. The nature of civil liability of CPA to third party is predicated on tort and the tort is the better way to relieve the right and intrests of third party.On the view of comparative law, the "known third party"standard is preferd to define the scope of third party. The presumption of negligence is a rational principle in judging principles of tort liability of CPA. To judge CPA'S negligence, the duty of care and the independent auditing standards need to be discused. The causation of CPA's tort liability reasoning misrepresentation includes trade causation and loss causation.
Keywords/Search Tags:professional liability, duty of care, third party, presumption of negligence, misrepresentation
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