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On The Difficult Cases Of Legal Interpretation

Posted on:2007-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Human language is inherent limitations, it is difficult to abstract, simple language to express their inner true meaning. This operation is the plight of the law, the solution is to become law by interpreting the specific reasonable to correctly applied to the judicial practice. Interpretation of the law as a branch of ancient knowledge to modern times has gradually emerged as one of the doors to independent learning. States legal scholars to explain various aspects from in-depth and useful exploration, and made significant headway. Chinese socialist democracy and legal system over the past twenty scored remarkable achievements, constantly strengthen and improve the socialist legal system, many legal workers and academics attached to the legal interpretation of its research, and put forward many suggestions. Along with the rapid socio-economic development, even if it is well-conceived and formulated law, and the rapidly changing, unusual changes in the objective situation can be only a relatively perfect legal imperfections in the practice of constantly emerging.If understood from the meaning of legal interpretation, then it can be said that legal interpretation is the law of life lie. Because no one understood, interpretation and application of the law, the law will have no value. Therefore, interpretation of the law is the law automatically becomes an urgent task.This dissertation is divided into seven main parts :The first part was the introduction, by the simple summation of the history of legal interpretation, the article raised the subject.The second part addressesed the main legal interpretation of the definition and characteristics. Interpretation of the law as a branch of ancient learning, countries of Jurists has its in-depth consideration. The main explanation from the legal, the legal interpretation of the target, in terms of legal logic, lists a number of jurists to my interpretation of the definition of legal interpretation, this study defines "difficult cases of...
Keywords/Search Tags:Syllogism, Hard case, Legal interpretation
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