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The Relationship Between The Political Implications And The Mass Of The .65-style Uniforms To Imitate

Posted on:2008-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article object of study is Chinese People's Liberation Army's 65 type military uniform. 65 type military uniform in the military uniform history is a section special military uniform, it has subverted before 55 type military uniform design idea, "wears by one red star on, the revolutionary Red Flag hangs nearby two" the succinct style appears in front of the people. Looking from another aspect, 65 type also is unprecedented national "flow the luggage" in a time interval. From national leader Mao Zedong, gets down to mingles among in streets and lanes small ruffian, everybody wear yellow military uniform, the head wears the green liberation hat. The article with the aid of the cultural research method, is for the purpose of discovering 65 type military uniform contains the political meaning, further to carry on the discussion on the relations between the Mao Zedong political ideal and the populace imitate.The paper divides two majorities to carry on the discussion. The first part discusses the political meaning which 65 type military uniform contains. In which analyzes 65 type military uniform to cut away emphatically "the rank difference" and "the sex difference" two aspects makes the revolutionary reform the significance, as well as 65 type military uniform manifests Mao Zedong's political ideal. The article will analyze mocker of 65 type military uniform in the second part, the different crowd will be putting on "will flow the luggage" the significance is dissimilar. In the imitation process, 65 type military uniform contains whether the political meaning does implement in the imitation to go? Perhaps some deviations? The common people put on same "are flowing the luggage" with the leader in their heart to think, with leader's politics is ideal whether same? Launches along with the article, these questions all discussions, give the answer.
Keywords/Search Tags:65 type military uniform, the political meaning, populace imitate
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