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Building A New Socialist Countryside Moral Beliefs

Posted on:2008-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360215460349Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The rural moral belief is the important part of the rural construction of ideological infrastructure, which is the main content of civilized living style that is one of 5 objectives of building "a new socialist countryside". At present, China is in the process of society revolution, and in this period, many problems, such as the loss of belief and the falling of ethics, get obvious day and day. Because of the moral belief crisis, the moral belief has become very important in building "a new socialist countryside". We should accurately understanding the problems of the rural moral belief ,analyze the profound germ of the problems , attach importance to the action in building "a new socialist countryside", and find the main contents and the efficiency measures, which is an urgently resolved problem during building "a new socialist countryside" and enhancing the rural construction of ideological infrastructure. This article is divided into four sections:The first section : This section discusses the moral belief is the basis of moral life . And the author has elicited the definition of the moral belief from all kinds of definitions.The second section : This section discusses why we should notice the moral belief for building " a new socialist countryside" .On the one hand ,it is the moral belief crisis ,on the other hand ,it is the action of the moral belief in building "a new socialist countryside ".It is stressed on the important action of the moral belief.The third section : This section analyses the problems of the rural moral belief and the reasons . The problems : The awareness of social morality is weak ; There are still some problems on family ethics; The relationship is tense among neighbors ; The religious concept is serious ; Feudal superstition is running ; The awareness of democracy and legal system is also weak and so on .The reasons :The peasants' life-condition is poor; The traditional concepts influence the rural moral belief; The peasants' quality of science and culture is low; Their spiritual life is poor ; The management of rural grassroots is inefficient ; The rural social security is weak, especial the old-age social security.The last section : This section explores the main contents and the measures of securing the rural moral belief of building "a new socialist countryside ". The main contents: taking for collectivism as the basic principle, taking for people service as the core and taking for social morality and family virtue as the main contents. The measures: promoting vigorously rural socialist economic development, improving peasants' quality, enhancing the construction of democracy and legal system, enhancing education, supervision and management to the leaders of rural grassroots further, perfecting the rural social security system.
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