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Basel Ii Impact On China's Banking Industry And Countermeasures To Be Taken

Posted on:2008-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The New Basle Accord is the result of the development and competition of the international bank, which is about supervising the commercial banks' capital. The New Basle Capital Accord, which was released by the Basle Committee by the end of June 2004, is the latest result of the Basle Committee about banking supervision. The New Basle Capital Accord absorbed the essence which is included in 1988 Capital Accord and other Basle papers, revised their disadvantages, at the same time, absorbed the method of management of advanced banks in the world today, became a capital measurement and supervision of risks framework which major contents are composed with three pillars: minimum capital requirements, supervision and inspection, market discipline.The New Basle Accord indicates that the supervision on international banking capital is developing and promoting, and at the same time, commercial banks must manage the capital more and more seriously, continuing to enhance the capability of risk management. The New Basle Capital Accord is to offer many useful references for China banking supervision. This thesis investigates the three pillars of the New Basle Capital Accord mainly, analyzes that implementing the new accord will have a series of influences in our commercial banks, and puts forward supervisory countermeasures of perfecting our country banking .The article is divided into three greatest parts totally: The first part is to introduce the old Basel capital accord, on the basis of which educe the basic structure of the new accord. In the second part, it analyzes that implementing the new accord will have a series of influences on our commercial banks. The third part brings according forward some suggestion and countermeasures to the above influences.The article which uses the methods of authentic proof, contrast, giving examples and excerpt presents tactics and advices to perfect our country's banking supervision according to the influences of implementing the new accord.
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