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Saving Government To Build Theory

Posted on:2007-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Economy is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. As a moral value of the savings is not only a personal request, a request to the government.On one hand, economic development as the central task Today, there are many disadvantages in the course of economic development, for example, resource consumption highly, waste and environmental pollution seriously which is an important aspect; Of course, on the other hand, the increasingly scarce resources, round tension of coal and oil, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand, increasing environmental pressures, it is also an indisputable fact. Therefore, we must urgently build a society-saving. The government plays a decisive role in building a society-saving. Therefore, studies the issue on the theory and practice of government-saving, then seeks the construction to government -saving countermeasure have extremely vital significanceThis paper studies the theory of the document in government-saving, discussed our country to construct government-saving vital significance and existed question in the process of construction which in the government-saving introduced successful action that the overseas construct government-saving, and finally proposed some suggestion about government-saving construction in China.The first part, reviewing and sorting out the relevant literature of government -saving, discussing circulation economy research on historical evolution and with government-saving connection of the domestic and foreign.In fact, the cycle of economic theory advocating is a model of economic development in harmony with the environment, first by American economist K.Pohl Ding proposes in the 1960s; the report "The Limits to Growth" in the "Club of Rome" devoted to the recycling problem in April 1968 in Italy, Japanese government promulgated the "recycling-oriented society to promote the Basic Law" to improve the use of recycled resources in June 2000.According to the study based on the development of recycling economy construction of a society-saving as the goal. The second, the emergence of the theory of sustainable development, capacity building and content, the concept of sustainable development, principles and methods are suitable for the practice of building in a society -saving.Finally, explored the theoretical foundation for the social and economical development. In theorical, practical and many other aspects of building a society -saving has been urgent in China. Through analyzing: building government-saving is the priority in society-saving, changing the mode of development, taking a new path of development and the construction of a conservation-minded society, the government must take an example and model for the whole society as the core. The theoretical results quoted above article and tried empirical research perspective, embark on the current situation from our government-saving, learn from the successful experience of foreign, promoting government-saving building.The second part, the significance and existing problems of government-saving is conducted an in-depth analysis in China. The first expounded the important significance of government-saving, that is: The government-saving relates to our socio-economic development of the strategic relationship. Elaborating the construction government-saving huge significance from government-saving to society -saving promoter action .Second, analyzing the current the issue of building government-saving, analysis the existing problems and reasons, noted: Outmoded concept and the disadvantages of the government system is the main obstacle to the smooth progress of construction of the government-saving.The third part , introduced the successful experience of the foreign government-saving, took the example of Australia and the United States, analysis of the development of the two countries: The United States set up regulatory bodies to formulate incentive policies. By "the Federal Energy Management Program" to promote saving the government's energy; in Australia start saving energy from itself, to promote the use of solar and other renewable energy technologies, ecological office, so as to State and local governments have a positive role model. In addition, these initiatives reflects the positive change the government from the Western countries to build a government-saving, noted : any countries through the implementation of e-government, low-cost government and transparent government and other government reform movement integrated structure of government-saving.The fourth part put forward a number of policy recommendation on government-saving building. This is the concluding part and the focus of the thesis, in this part proposed a series of advancement government-saving plan and the measure. From guiding ideology of building government-saving, analyzed the feasibility of constructing, government-saving, proposed policy on government -saving , noted : the government should create a system environment for society-saving, established a scientific decision-making mechanism, transformed government functions, improved work efficiency, and stressed that the government should own politics, to strengthen the government's credibility and lead the whole society to do a good job in resource conservation. In view of this program and the government built a series-saving mechanism.
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