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On Security Obligations

Posted on:2007-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Safeguards obligations exists widely in all fields of social life. With the development of society and people's awareness of their rights increases, they are gradually expanding the scope and content. Security obligations for the obligations of the people should be a very basic obligations, The parties may agree to make the higher standard, but not the obligation to waive or reduce its standard agreement, From this point, security is a fundamental duty obligations. Safeguards obligations can be found in the legal systems of all countries in the world, in different countries, For the description of the same security obligations, and related legal requirements are different. In this paper, the selection of safeguards obligations. In theory, as well as the development of some controversy and judicial practice and the reality of the existence of this defect Discussion and Analysis, obligation to improve our security system also made a few suggestions. Background of the existing legal system in China. For most violations of its safeguards obligations to pave the way for smooth damage caused by acts of omission is held responsible for copyright violations. When the damage is not as violations of other reasons but still, it involves the issue of sharing the responsibility. To truly build a system was also suitable for the operation of the legal system safeguards obligations. indispensable to the study of relevant systems.In this paper, in addition to the preamble and the conclusion, is divided into four chapters, the text of about 30,000 words. The preamble to clarify the theoretical and practical significance of this issue; Different from the first chapter title about security obligations. It analyzes the civil law, common law and our obligations to the safety and security of the different definition, The theoretical basis for security obligations also discussed. Chapter 2 on the content and scope of the respective safeguards obligations of the System. Chapter 3 describes the types of responsibility for violation of its safeguards obligations, responsibilities composition, shape and scope of responsibility and liability principles. judicial practice puzzles also made their views; Chapter IV of the main assessment of the safety and security of our obligations under the status quo of the legal system. how to improve our security obligations of the legal system and put forward three proposals.
Keywords/Search Tags:security obligations, tort liability, statutory obligations, law presumption fault, responsibility
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