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At This Stage The Transformation Of Government Functions Studied

Posted on:2008-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W N PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360215984803Subject:Scientific socialism
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Since the reform and opening policy from 1978, profound changes have taken place on our country's economic system,social structure,interest adjustment and the ideas, now China has entered a new stage of comprehensively building a well-off society and socialist modernization construction. Improvement of China's socialist market economic system, the building of the socialist material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization and the building of our party has been continuously enhanced, comprehensive national strength has greatly improved, and people's living standards have markedly improved, long-term social stability has been maintained. However, such unprecedented social changes, have simultaneously brought great vitality to China's development and progress, is also bound to produce a great deal of new contradictions and problems, consequently affects justice,impartiality and harmony in society, the necessity and instancies of political system reform has increasingly stood out. Therefore, systematically studying the present situation of transforming government's functions in our country, and then discussing the concrete ways of transforming government's functions, undoubtedly has important theoretic and practical significance to quickening reform and development in our country .This article is under Marxism historical materialism instruction, on the basis of full absorption related scholarly research achievement, profits from some valuable experience which West's some political theories and Western Developed country Government manages, in line with the apply theory to reality principle, bases on China's concrete national condition, to present situation and existence questions of transforming government's functions at present, makes one systematic and thorough analysis research, and from the exercisable aspect, bring forward constructive comment and concrete measures of solving problems. Especially mentioned is probing into the reason why the local governments organization reform falls into the strange circle of"simplification - inflation - simplifies again– inflates again",how to reduce and finally avoid the illegal phenomena such as the appearance of"Red Documents",how to build harmonious relations between government and social organizations and public groups and so on problems, making quite deep analysis and discussion, bringing forward some original views. I hope this article's some research conclusions can provide valuable theoretic reference for our country to transform the government function.
Keywords/Search Tags:transform the government functions, existence questions, goals, measures
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