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On Our Company Registration Registration System Improve

Posted on:2008-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Law Of the Company develops in the world nowadays, and every country try its best to revise and renew it. The economy democracy is the main melody in nowadays, and the idea of company self-government affects the Law Of the Company deeply in every country. This is the requirement of the development of the age and the marketing economy. The register system of the company is an important system of the Law Of the Company, which standards the register of company, determines the register of the organ in charge, the content and the program, readjusts the relationship register of the company. As an important means of the country to readjust the market transaction, the register system of the company plays an important role in ensuring the legal rights of the market, and safeguarding the safety of the market trade.It is rational to make the legislation keep ahead of the time, and make good use of the successfully legislative experience. The reform of the register system of our country should base on the consummation of the economy system of the socialism market, its direction is the international practice, its goal is to increase the economy benefit, and the principle of it is to encourage and attract every kind of resources which takes part in the economy. The new register system of the company should help the company to set up more easily, and administer the company in the daily life. The new register system of the company should try the best to create a fair and open competition environment for the companies, and provide important microcosmic foundation to develop the economy and the society. Only on such bases above, we could ormulate such register system of the company that accords with the economy requirement of the market in our country.The paper revolves three parts to discuss the register system of the company. The first part is the basic theory of the register rule of the company. In this part, the paper introduces the conception and characteristic of the register system of the company, the basic content of the register system of the company which includes the set up, the codification and the termination of the company. The second part comments and analyzes on the register system of the company. This part is the core of the paper. First of all, the paper compares the new Law of the Company with the old Law of the Company, with the result, the paper can analyze the register system of the company more deeply. After that, the paper points out the defects of the new register system of the company. In the last part, the paper talks about the consummation of the register system of the company, which includes the consummation on the rule of the company in set up, change and termination.
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