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Leading Cadres Resign System

Posted on:2009-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F R YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360248950708Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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This thesis focuses on the system of blame-taking resignation of the governmental leaders, which is a very popular phenomenon in the western politics and also an important political routine reflecting the principles of democracy and constitutionism. This institution has been introduced into China and will be gradually established with relevant regulations promulgated and attempted trials in local area. The system of blame-taking resignation has indeed taken some effect and lots of officers have resigned for blame, including Zhanbiao Gang, mayor of Jilin who resigned for the big fire of Zhongbai Commercial Building and Fucai Ma, general manager of China National Petroleum Corporation, who resigned for the serious accident of blowout of County Kai in Chongqing. However there are lots of problems with this system with no doubt. Generally, the regulations concerning the blame-taking resignation are deficient in authority, inner consistency and specific implementation. With regard to the implementation, there are also many problems, such as, too narrow scope of implementation, blurred burden of liability, conflict of procedure with law, poor transparency of the process , improper disposal afterwards, the difficult implementation. The above problems have not only severely harmed the implementation of this system and limited its functions, but also brought about lots of negative results, leading to the abuse and misuse of it, which will further deteriorate the existing problems and cause the malicious circle. Therefore, it is inevitably necessary to deeply study the problems existing in Chinese blame-taking resignation system and their causes, and look for new ways to innovations.This thesis concentrates on the problems existing in Chinese blame-taking resignation and the perfection of it, fully studying the regulations with regard to Chinese blame-taking resignation and its specific implementation, systematically analyzing the existing problems; it continues to probe into the causes of these problems and conceive solutions. It needs a combination of exterior and inner control and the contributions of state, society, officers and individuals to solve all these problems: firstly, the system of blame-taking resignation should be improved, which is the precondition for the successful implementation of it; secondly, relevant institution in connection with it should be perfected, which will provide a positive environment for its good operation; thirdly, measures should be taken to create a new administrative culture, the exterior healthy environment; fourthly, the administrative officers should try best to improve their administrative morality. It is only temporary solution to improve the system of blame-taking resignation and the permanent cure is the combination of ameliorating relevant institutions, creating a wholly new administrative culture and improving the administrative morality.This thesis mainly includes the following parts: first, theoretic analysis of the blaming-taking resignation with a study of its specific contents and a detailed introduction of its theoretic bases, providing a platform for the subsequent analyses; second, review of its implementation in western countries, which gives us a good comparison; third, analysis of Chinese blame-taking resignation, with a systematic study of its problems existing both in regulations and implementation; fourth, thoughts on the perfection of Chinese blame-taking resignation, which is the thesis aimed for.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blame-taking resignation, responsible government, thoughts on construction of institutions
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