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Populism - May Fourth Movement Intellectuals And Social Transformation Of New Ideas

Posted on:2009-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Peoplism is not only one kind "new" democracy, is also 54 time intellectual transforms the Chinese society the new position, the new mentality, To study the Peoplism has the vital significance systematically comprehensively. Republic of China first years political construction defeat; First World War, October Revolution and May 4th Movement of 1919 and so on significant practice occurrence one after another; Cooperation theory, and the Marxism and so on new ideological trend introduction; Chinese tradition's Datong, the egalitarian ism thought's influence is the background which Peoplism produces. "Peoplism" becomes Democracy to translate the language to symbolize newly 54 intellectual democratic idea's transformation, symbolizes "newly" democracy---- Peoplism's production. "Peoplism" is in 54 intellectual absorption theorys of democratic ingredient hatches has the unification, antifeudal, to favor approximately depressed classes' thought and the idea. Is the democratic idea and the principle of democracy in politics, the economy, the thought that the culture, the education and the morals and so on each domain utilization and the development, is to old democracy theory experimental surmounting, is 54 intellectuals transforms the Chinese society the new mentality. Democracy once "made a big noise for a time" in 54 times, but escape flutter fading fate. "the professional democracy", "the common people autonomous", "the common people government", "the federal system" is democracy in the political basic concept; The start "the Vocational school", the launch "the common people factory", sets up multiform "the cooperative society" is democracy in the economic aspect essential method; Implements "the equal education" to the common people and "the popularization education", the literature application "the ordinary literary style" writes the ordinary person, the ordinary matter is democracy in the cultural aspect basic concept. Transforms by the historical idealism to the historical materialism; Transforms subjectively subjectively by the single level people to the multi-level people; "the cooperation" and "free", "the equality" becomes the democracy together the basic idea; Pursue "pure" democracy, "true" equality; Carries on the critique to the capitalism democratic system; The esteem "the direct civil rights" and so on are democracy "new" in the old democracy place. Democracy has the important historical situation. It links the preceding with the following, relates the capitalism and socialism, is advantageous in the new democracy theory production and the development; To a certain extent enriched and has developed the democratic theory, has developed people's theory field of vision; In aspects and so on politics, economy, thought that culture promoted society's progress. Democracy also has the historical limitation. Its system info is numerous and disorderly, theory viewpoint cavity, superficial. The love improves in the society, thus causes its ideal pursue to fall into the fantasy, belongs to the defeat. Democracy developed to the people essence direction, creates has worshipped the populace, to disparage the intellectual the adverse effect, revolutionized and the construction for China has brought the loss.
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