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Vision Of International Mechanisms Of Preventive Diplomacy

Posted on:2009-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360272460294Subject:International relations
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On the basis of introduction of preventive diplomacy,the paper compares with United Nation's preventive diplomacy and ASEAN Regional Forum's preventive diplomacy and analyses those differences.And then author gives an explanation towards those differences from the viewpoint of international regime.In the context of the actors of international relations becoming increasingly diversifying,the diplomatic actors are no longer confined to the traditional sovereign states and different kinds of international regimes begin to have the diplomatic functions.Besides this,the international regimes also have great influence on the diplomatic behaviors of sovereign states in all kinds of ways.As for preventive diplomacy,international regimes not only create it,but play an important role in the development of it.The paper will touch upon the two different development ways of preventive diplomacy under the two different international regimes-United Nations and ASEAN Regional Forum.Meanwhile,on the basis of the realism research method of international regimes,the author explains why those two international regimes hold different views on preventive diplomacy through two variables-power structure and common interests.The author holds that,as an international regime,United Nations and ASEAN Regional Forum are different in the power structure and common interests,which are two variables of international regimes.It is just the differences in those two variables that make United Nations and ASEAN Regional Forum have different understanding towards preventive diplomacy.Specifically saying,there is hierarchal power structure in United Nations,while flat power structure in ASEAN Regional Forum;United Nations pay attention to the global common interests in security and development, while ASEAN Regional Forum focus on the security threats of the region.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Regime, United States' Preventive Diplomacy, ASEAN Regional Forum's Preventive Diplomacy
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