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Discussion On Legislation Of China's Land Resources

Posted on:2009-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360272484842Subject:Economic Law
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Land is the basis for human survival, it is also very important strategic resources, so it is the basic guarantee of agricultural security, social peace, the people's health and national security. Without the land is like lose the water and air, human and social will no longer exist. Land can supply instantly the basic material for human survival, it also can protect the renewal and development of lives. Therefore, the people should treasure land as same as they treasure lives, the land is the mother of the humanity. At present, the legislation of China's land has a number of problems , there is legislative reasons technically, there are also some objective reasons for the economic environment . In recent years, China's economic growth rate is accelerating, the degree of marketization is also rising, different groups have complex relationship about interests in land, despite of China's land reform of the legal system has speeded up the pace, but it still failed to keep pace with the economic field in the fast-changing. Furthermore, many adjustments about the relevant laws of the land seem like "outdated" . Objectively, China's land legislation is "lagging". In the contracted land management rights transfer, house legal system, collective land for housing and other related issues has been no further breakthrough. China has attained tremendous achievements in economic development today, how to further the release of the productive forces, coordinate urban and rural development, so that more people embark on the road to prosperity has become an imminent reality. Therefore, how to provide an efficient high-quality service to the land legislation in China's economic and social construction become an important issue before us. China's land resources are abundant, but the use of land resources is still extensive pattern, if we have more scientific and rational legal system of the land, then it will be able to stimulate the release of land productivity and accelerate the successful restructuring of China's socialist modernization construction, the goal of a socialist harmonious society can be achieved. Therefore, if we can study and use China's legal system of the land seriously, we will make an important contribution to the further development of China's national economy. What is more important is that China's legal system of the land related to a lot of people's livelihood, and in China ,the vast masses of peasants live in poverty and lack of materials, land resources is the basis of development, it can provide crucial occasion and help for improving the people's living conditions and quality.This paper first started the present situation of China's land resources, it briefly discussed the current status of China's land resources and the existing legal system of land, through the analysis of our existing legal system of the land, it pointed out the deficiencies of the China's legal system for land, and it made the further discussion for a series of legal questions in the current China's legal system of the land. Simultaneously this article has also referred to the successful experience which in Taiwan area land system reform obtains. At last this article has its own views and opinions on how to improve the legal system of China's land and how to deepen the reform of the system of land to be suitable for China's national conditions.
Keywords/Search Tags:legal system of the land, the reform of legal system for the land, the circulation of the land, the house for small property rights
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