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Service Of The Civil Service Ethics Construction,

Posted on:2010-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360272493843Subject:Public Management
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The fifth plenary session of the sixteenth CPC central committee demand to build socialism harmonious society . The construction of a Service-Oriented Government is the way to socialism harmonious society since the harmonious relationship between government and the people is most important among the its contents. As the executor of government functions,civil servant exercises the public powers on be half of the administrative subject. The public service quality and efficency of civil servant is closely connected with its construction of occupational moral which is of great importance to develop a Service-Oriented Government. So it's an important issue theoretically and practically to develop a Service-Oriented Government and the construction of occupational moral of civil servant.The paper covers the following contents: concept and features of the Service-Oriented Government and civil servant's occupational moral ,the meaning,main content and analyzing of foreign experience of the construction of occupational moral. The paper also gives suggestions on how to make civil servant's occupational moral construction of a Service-Oriented Government by taking Hohhot as example.The article including 5 parts. Firstly,the preface. To introduce the background,goal,meaning,framework of the topic. Secondly,to give definition to some related concepts of the topic and domestic and foreign experience of the construction of occupational moral. Tirdly,to analyse features,existing problems and reasons by taking Hohhot as an example. Fourthly,to rise some suggestions and strategies to improve Hohhot civil servant's occupational moral construction. Fifthly,the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:a Service-Oriented Government, civil servant, construction of occupational moral of civil servant
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