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Public Accounting Firm Engaged In Forensic Accounting Risk Management

Posted on:2009-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With our national economy's development and legal system's improvement, social expert evidence agencies involve in more and more law case's forensic expertise. Forensic accounting identify is one of increasing assurance service accounting firms provide nowadays. Accounting firm's involvement in forensic accounting is not only the need of forensic expertise, but also the needs of accounting firms' self-development. Concerning the complexity of subjective and objective factors, there may have certain level of risk in almost all lawsuits, Forensic accounting identify is not exceptional. Considering the importance of evidence, the results of Forensic accounting identify may have vital impact on judicial fairness. Many lawsuits with the involvement of Forensic accounting identify are concerned with frauds and/or bribes, the results of Forensic accounting identify, as the evidence, have direct impacts on judicial judgments and litigant's freedom and/or property security, which make Forensic accounting identify a profession with high risk and social responsibility. Due to the complexity of Forensic accounting identify, accounting firm might even be sued because of certain contents of the Forensic accounting identify report. It's a big issue how to manage the risk of Forensic accounting identify, present objective and Forensic accounting identify reports and provide better service for judicial activity. The article analyses the concepts of Forensic accounting identify and the difference and relations with traditional auditing, and explains the scope and circumstance of Forensic accounting identify. The Article also explains the Forensic accounting identify risk accounting firm and auditors facing, classifies identify risk according to its sources, and emphasizes the legal responsibilities of accounting firms and auditors. With Forensic accounting identify practice, the article analyzes some reasons of audit failure in Forensic accounting identify, suggests some practical measures for Forensic accounting identify risk management, and clarifies some prevailing misunderstanding accounting firm and auditors to reduce Forensic accounting identify risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:Audit, Forensic accounting identify, The law responsibility, Risk management
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